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Blockcstream satelit, has already launched on August 15, 2015. Blockstream also release the announcement on their main site in the same day. By the launched of the Blockstream satellite, it’s become the world’s first service that will broadcast a real-time Bitcoin transactions and blocks from a group of satellites in space.

The best things by the satellite, according to the Blockstream press release is, everyone on earth by the end of the year, will having a free access to the Bitcoin network, that’s including people that currently unable to connect to the internet, due to lack of availability or something else.

unconnected people to internet

Another possibility with the satellite is, it will radically lower the cost to be able to accessing bitcoin network. In the other hands, easier to access, cheaper the cost, able to covered people around the world, surely it will get massive adoptions as the positive feedback.

Since the project will also feasible, Adam Back, Blockstream CEO said at Coindesk:

“That might allow a smartphone wallet that sends messages to send it via satellite or some application to send messages via satellite. That’s a way to monetize the infrastructure and to expand to more services on it.”

So far, there were lots of people already trying to send bitcoin transaction in by using SMS directly. Adam also said, “The only people that won’t be covered are those in Antartica”. Soon, Blockstream will eventually release an API, so developers and also companies will be able to send data by the satellite, with a small bitcoin fee.

Bitcoin community reactions

Bitcoin community reactions

Yes, there are a lot people trying to just using an old TV dish, then trying the things on. There is also SMS Push TX release code by @prusnak, so it will make easier how to possible sending bitcoin transaction by using SMS.


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