Blocklancer – Decentralizing Freelancers Platform Worldwide


Blocklancer, is a kind of decentralized freelancer platform based on blockchain technology. Blocklancer or also called as Distributed Autonomous Job Market (DAJ) was build based on the Ethereum platform.

Their vision, is all about how to be able to completely self-regulatory the freelancers platform, where they could find and getting project done. All the ecosystem between customer, and the freelancer, will going to be changed, because by the blocklancer platform, will increase the reliability into a new heights.

From what blocklancer offered is, to find the best solution for the most commons freelancing problem so far. Just because blocklancer was a decentralized platform, it means that there will no central authority in it. Self-regulatory system useful for setting disputes for the customer and the freelancers.

Different with earlier platform


First launched on August 5th, the platform trying to entering decentralized freelancer platforms market. There are some project that already having the same concept to disrupting the centralized freelancer so far. Chronobank for example, they trying to disrupt the recruitment sector, by connecting employee and the freelancer.

But of course, Blocklancer was different, since the platform currently focussing on the freelancers and the customer, while the chronobank focussing on the recruitment platforms. When it compared with a conventional freelancer platform, there are a huge different. Decentralized platform has its own benefit, for the customer, and all user as well.

Background conditions

So many industry sometimes prefer to hire freelance worker. The good thing by this way is, because there are a lot of talents freelancer whose have a touch of innovation from their work. Of course this is good form both of them.

When they both was meet on centralized platform, so here is mostly problem comes.  The main reason is in centralized platforms were always hard to ensuring and help freelancers. Especially how to make sure the payment, and also how to make sure the job was done perfectly. That’s the reason why decentralized system was so much better rather than centralized platform.

How good freelancer market forecast?

According to blocklancer whitepaper, freelancer workforce is compromised about 55 million worker right now. At ten years before, it’s about 30 million workers. The fact is, it will almost double number within short timeframe.

So, the freelancer number will always increase in every year. The freelancer will be also feasible as the main aspect for blocklancer project. If there are only 0,01% freelancer that using the platform, it would be exceed about $100,000,00 as a yearly income, 3% fees from $3,000,000,000.

Blocklancer Token Detail

Name: Lancer
Ticker: LNC
Supply: Minimum 200,000,000
Base: Ethereum
Pre-sale: September 7, 2017
Price: 20,000 LNC = 1 ETH
Pre-sale Goal: 500 ETH


LNC token will represent the share in the platform. User who hold LNC token will receive their part of fees generated by the employment contract. Freelancer will paid 3% fees, then 100% from the fees, will be given out into the token holder.

The token, will easy to handling such as disagreement problems, since the token will use a contract to handle it. Blocklancer give a guarantee that the platform will only a single authority won’t be able to influence the platforms.

Blocklancer Core

Blocklancer was based on Ethereum, the smart contracts were also build based on Ethereum. The platform need Ethereum as the distributed ledger. Another good things is, blocklancer also used IPFS that will allow to distributed storage files. It was not all of the data will be stored at ethereum, as somes part will be stored In IPFS.



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