Blockchain, Bitjob and Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry Help Students to Find Great Jobs Online


Honestly, there is nothing special about the Bitjob project. And don’t get trapped in your mind that Bitjob want to remove the They just disruptive, nothing else. But we have raise out hat for their effort, at least by apllying blockchain technology in the platform. Remember, this one is not special but has great and unique concept. Bitjob enable students, that does not have job experience, but have enough skills to do some jobs they like. The employers also be able to join in the platfrom to search job seeker that fit onto their needs. What make this platform great is by applying a spesific role, called “Affliate Referee” to verify the profile of both parties. With token, called STU become the incentive in this system. In short, you may call it the job marketplace, special for student.

Event token is applied, does not mean student can’t get fiat money direct from the platform. Student can choose get STU or US dollar. “It will be hybrid system, which means students will be able to get paid in our tokens (STU) or with Fiat (PayPal for example),” said Elad Kofman the Bitjob’s co-founder to us, via Telegram, 15 August.

Further, Elad said Bitjob using a semi-developed smart contracts platform on the Ethereum blockchain network. Ethereum allowed this system have great application that removes the need to blindly trust server administrators.

“Thanks to its transparent properties, we now have strong authentication, identity, verifiability, voting, reputation and micro-transactions for our payments and affiliates fees distribution,” said Elad by told us that the actual opening date of the formal bitJob Token Sale will be held in September 12th, 2017 at 0,25 USD price per STU.

BitJob Token Crowdsale Detail



Token Name: Student Coin
Token Symbol: STU
Pre-sale: Closed
Crowd Sale Start: September 12, 2017
Crowd sale End: October 13, 2017
Total Token: 200,000,000 (during ICO)
Token Price: 1 ETH = 500 STU
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In details Elad told us, Bitjob offer jobs for students ideally in their chosen profession, just like does. Also it connects students with their potential future employers, gives students opportunity to gain experience in their chosen profession, and allows students to receive their earnings in STU tokens or FIAT or another crypto currency. In addition, Bitjob has affiliate program that allows on quick adoption of this platform due to incentives given to Student Unions and other students. Elad verify that referring sponsor will be able to receive portion of earnings on every transaction between student and employer.

“Built in escrow system, Bitjob will allow both students and employers to be protected in case of disputes. Payment will be released or returned based on mutually beneficial agreements. There will be also reputation system and means for conflict resolutions. In addition, this platform will allow students on exchange of other student related items and ideas like sharing of accommodation, pooling, books and tutoring,” said Elad.

Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry

Some of you maybe know this man, Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry, professor of Finance at UCLA Anderson School. In November 2016, he proposed Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, as the nominee for 2016 Nobel Prize.

“No, in fact, I am completely serious in suggesting Satoshi Nakamoto for the Prize. The invention of bitcoin — a digital currency — is nothing short of revolutionary. Many physical currencies have been used historically — from beads, sea-shells to precious metals such as gold or silver, to even consumables such as cigarettes in times of hyperinflations, to sports cards. Paper money, or what is formally known as Fiat currencies, are what are now ubiquitous all over the world with different regions and countries issuing their own currencies for facilitating trade and exchange,” wrote Chowdhry in Huffington Post.

Surprisingly, Chowdhry join Bitjob as advisor among other advisors. We think this is great for Bitjob’s PR purposes. But, as Elad told us, at this moment there is no official statement from Chowdhry to public about his support.

As we track, Chowdhry is the main supporter if bitcoin and blockchain technology. Not many finances expert know cryptocurrency specifically. In the Bitjob case, we think Chowdhry know the great potential of blockchain technology in education-job related isu.

“We need one of the best economic professor in the world and right at the beginning, in order to provide the best worldwide student ecosystem and thinking for the long term. We need him to build this trust among students. And the UCLA Prof is a well-known figure with crypto experience and knowledge. A perfect match. He is a true Bitjob promoter,” said Elad.




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