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Bitquence. Wallet, has becomes the main important thing in the world of cryptocurrencies. Lately there are many cases of wallet that has been conceded, thievery from the crypocurrency wallet, wallet scam and many others. For some people, sometime they think that they’re feel safe because using the safe and transparent wallet.

And the most people who didn’t know much about cryptocurrency, would only using wallet from the crypto exchange. The fact is, it’s impossible that the exchange’s crypto wallet would be safe, since user would never ever access the wallet private keys.

In Every year or every couple of months, there must be a wallet burglary that is not identified who’s the perpetrator. And for that reason, developers must learn from their mistakes. But, as we could see that the problem would never stop, and people keep lost their money in online wallet.

Cryptocurrency and wallet are the two things that can’t be separated. Nowadays quite a lot of cryptocurrencies alternative has been developed besides Bitcoin, people called as “Altcoin”. Furthermore, the new crypto project was built with the help of crowd funding methods.

Even if the crypto project created by crowdfunding methods, still, wallet takes the main important aspect. Because on the other side, wallet have an important role in the case of cryptocurrency cycle, user used the wallet to store their cryptocurrency. However, a wallet with low security may cause harm to its users, which is someone who keep their money on the wallet.

The other problem at the world of cryptocurrencies is, having problems about the transaction delay. From some of condition above, becomes the background why Bitquence project launched.

About bitquence platform

The main problem of a person who has just known the world of Cryptocurrency is when they don’t know what coin they are going to buy and which coin can give profit to them. But of course, it’s not the only reason, for user who has been long time being in the world of cryptocurrencies would able to know which cryptocurrency indicating has a risk in the future, including their wallet security factor.

So here, Bitquence provides the wallet solution that every user needs now. By looking at the wallet in the present era, Bitquence will targeting to make Cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone. It means Bitquence will be able to help and facilitate its users in economic terms. Bitquence will also helps its users to be able to transfer assets safely, quickly and easily accessible to its users.

Bitquence is the first cryptocurrency services company that can help every financial problems. Bitquance also make a possibility for its user to make bunch of transactions simultaneously. This options, will help user in order to reduce the transactions fee, because the transactions could be sending just like using ordinary text message or email.

Some Reason Why Bitquence Will Succeed

  1. Helping a lot for the new cryptocurrency user for taking steps into world of cryptocurrencies. Of course, for the new crypto user will be having a bunch of questions needed to get answered, including how to get involved directly, how to buy, how to choosing the best quality wallet, and the most importing is how to decide the most cryptocurrency to gain benefit and able to make a profit on it.
  2. The Community Consensus also make a possibility for the new crypto user. So they would be able to gathering lot of best quality information’s, regarding the most profitable new crypto project in the future. All the information’s was able to be provided by the all Bitquence token holder. All of them, will be able to participate in consensus risk profile, since they will be able to used their asset as a “stake”. By that way, token holder was also going to be motivated to vote the true, based on what cryptocurrency asset they have. As the experienced user by this options, will be rewarded their knowledge for their vote as well. And for sure, by this possible way, new user will be soon able to see the most popular cryptocurrency based on the massive adoptions, understanding risk related to the popularity and its quantities, and also the market sentiment that against the crypto market.
  3. Serving the easiest way how to having cryptocurrency investment for common user. Because Bitquence would also lunch a variety of cryptocurrencies with low fees, surely it helped a lot,
  4. Universal mobile Bitquence wallet would gain lot of benefit for user how to handling variety of crypto asset management. Of course, with a high level security inside.
  5. Able to creating overall liquidity into the entire network using Bitquence token. So user will be able to buy from lot of service platform with the token.
  6. Bitquence was also integrating cryptocurrency payment with the existing financial structure, by using Bitquence Digital Liquidity Network (BQX). Bitquence token was issued by Ethereum Network using ERC20 standards. At the next step progress on this project, the token would becomes a bridge. From these features, user will be able to send different bulk transactions to transform the value on top of the assets. Because Bitquence was using an Automatic gas Conversion and Dynamic Asset Allocation, so the transaction will be depend on the liquidity of the Bitquence Token itself. That’s why the Digital Liquidity Network would become more robust, and attracting many users to get the benefits.
  7. Becomes one platform to gain bunches of benefit. As we could see here, lot of benefit would be able to reach just by one only platform, Bitquence. Not only for the new crypto user only, but it also suitable for the advanced crypto user.

Here are some components in Bitquence Platform:

  1. Wallet & Liquidity Layer: A decentralized management system that connects directly to the liquidity network created with bitquence tokens.
  2. Bitquence Platform Layer: due to the large number of cryptocurrencies, the rating system is used. This component serves to choose which coin will be in Bitquence later.
  3. Cold Storage: Security. Is very important for a cryptocurrency system. Bitquence uses Cold Storage with a level of security that is almost impossible to break. This Cold Storage is an offline wallet so you can imagine what kind of security will be.
Bitquence Technology Architecture

Bitquence Technology Architecture

Bitquence Tokens

Bitquence Token (BQX) is a Bitquence Platform token. BQX is very useful and has many functions in this platform. BQX is like a Key and Bitquence Platform as a lock.

There must be BQX to use this feature in Bitquence Platform. BQX can serve as an allocation of funds for cold storage and no less important BQX can be used as a fee in every transaction.

Or the term becomes ‘gas’ in every transaction on the bitquence platform. With this fee, Bitquence Platform certainly has advantages compared to most wallets and other platforms that only use BTC or ETH. In bitquence the users can use Bitquence Token (BQX) as ‘gas’ on each transaction.

Bitquence Token Sale

To develop a great plan of this project that Bitquence platform held a token sale for investors who interested in this project. Investors can have a Bitquence Token (BQX) for the first time before it is released in the market.

This token sale will open up opportunities for anyone who wants to be part of the Bitquence platform. Of course with this token sale, the developers could able to keep develop the project forward, thanks to the support of the investors.

Token Sale :

Start : Jun 28th 2017 17:00 UTC
Finish : Jul 13th, 2017 17:00 UTC
Recent Price : 4600.0 BQX / 1 ETH
Minimum amount: 5000 ETH
Hard cap: 150000 ETH

CONTRIBUTION STATUS ( last Update 11 – 07 – 2017 )

Raised: 5535.11 ETH
Issued: 27645102.72362601 BQX
Partisipants: 2012

Minimum goal of this project has already reached and 5000 ETH collected. With the remaining time of this token sale is 2 days, depends from the total funds collected around 5400 ETH,

Then we can be sure the price of BQX is 4600 BQX / 1 ETH. This conclusion is obtained referring to the BQX price table based on the amount of funds collected as below.


Development Plan and Roadmap

The main purpose of the developers is to make BQX as a standard for financial or financial services around the world.

In the future, BQX want to be just like Paypal services, or if able to go beyond Paypal. With all the advantages, Bitquence target might could realizing.

Bitquence Roadmap:

Bitquence Roadmap

Bitquence RoadmapBitquence Team

A full profile of developers and teams in this Bitquence project can be found on the bitquence website

  1. Shingo Lavine
  2. Yu-Jen Dennis Chen
  3. Maurice Herlihy
  4. Lincoln Lydick
  5. Adam Lavine
  6. Aiko Nomura
  7. Pete Rodgers
  8. Ken Nowak
  9. Freya Stevens
  10. Kevin Saechew

For more information and see the latest updates from of bitquence token sale you can see in the link below:

Main Site:
Bitcointalk Forum:



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