How BitherCash will facilitate cryptocurrency P2P transfers and lending

New altcoins in the market are a dime a dozen. However, most of them are quite similar in their offering. They are mostly wealth storage cryptocurrencies that offer nothing more than a different name. However, BitherCash is an oasis in the vast altcoin desert. It offers something truly unique with a purpose. It is a true deviation from the status quo.

Unlike most altcoins, BitherCash is not based on the Ethereum platform. It is a completely new blockchain that uses a hybrid architecture that combines proof-of-stake and proof-of-work in one blockchain. From an architectural design perspective, it is something new. It combines the robustness of proof-of-work platforms with the feature-rich proof-of-stake architecture. This sets it apart from most of the new altcoins in the market.

Bithercash : an ICO with an unique lending platform

The BitherCashblockchain features include a decentralized ledger that is encrypted to protect the transaction blocks stored and synchronized to ensure that every device has a copy of the ledger. This prevents brute force attacks by hackers. Additionally, pseudonyms are used to ensure that user identity and sensitive information is kept away from prying eyes. As a result, the platform is completely secure.

The most endearing feature is the ability to facilitate P2P transfers over the platform. This is because the low latency APIs usedtofacilitate high speed and high-volume transfer of wealth. This makes the platform suitable for sending money to others, payment processing, and remittance. These transactions are recorded on the ledger through forging. Forging is inherently different from mining since it relies on validators instead of miners.Additionally, the transfer fees are substantially lower than in other payment platforms. Since it is run without a central server, there is no downtime or likelihood of fraud.

Another avenue for investors to make money is through lending. The platform allows investors to lend the BitherCash Coins they have stored. The seed money lent on the platform is stored in offline cold wallets that require multiple signatures before money can be withdrawn. You can lend on the platform without any fear that the money will not be secure. The interest rates depend on the time and amount invested. The more money you lend to the platform, the higher your interest rates.

The total BitherCash coins that will be available to the public during the is capped at 8.25 million. Some of that will be available during the Pre-ICO scheduled for November 28th. However, most of it will be available during the ICO expected to launch on December 5th, this year. The ICO will last 45 days until January 20th, 2018. The ICO prices will be between $0.55 and $1.20 per coin. As more investors participate in the ICO, the price will continue to appreciate. You should purchase ICO coins earlier to get better discounts.

There are few upcoming ICOs that have as much premise as BitherCash. The platform is something unique and different. It also offers more than just wealth storage by incorporating P2P transfers and lending into the offering. Investors can simply enroll for the ICO or Pre-ICO by visiting the website at


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