BitDice – Offering On-Chain Solution Casino Platform Using IOTA


BitDice Offering CSNO Token Crowdsale

If you were commonly playable in the mostly crypto casino site, than you might be known BitDice Casino already. BitDice has launched since 2014, and becomes the first cryptocurrency incorporated casino in Costa Rica.

Since been running the service in 2014, BitDice Casino become the largest online bitcoin casino. They crowdfunded bankroll about over 4000 BTC, combine with any other cryptocurrencies.

But they has to make a hard decisions by shutting down their services because in couple of years as they announce the reason at Medium. The main reason is, because they had to paying a debt rather than covering such as for building equity. That kind of conditions makes them trying to change something new, because it will make a limited ability to expand the new market, and having possibility to develop new product.

What do we need to remember the fact about BitDice at the past is, that BitDice has been the first one compared with the other, which already structured themselves as a commercial entity in Costa Rica. BitDice has also implement websocket technology with a mobile-centric focus. So BitDice able to ensure the fastest betting platform in the online casino industry. Beside websocket tech, they also had integrating with the dynamic Kelly criterion investment model, so it would allowing bankroll investor to fine-tune their risk profile for maximizing return.

After all, what already happened in the past it won’t make them stop, for over the years, developer team has been at the forefront to find the best innovation, finding for optimal model, an attractive design for the player with bankroll investors. After their balance was properly found and maintained, now they were ready to start the new concept.

So here they comes with a new fresh idea, by opening new product, and starting by opening token crowdsale. BitDice decide to use IOTA technology to accommodating for the next generation platform. IOTA adoption into the platform, due to the superior nature of the technology, because it sometimes the casino will be overcome issues, especially when it related by the high execution cost, and also preventing the game running slow, the games will required dynamic betting.

CSNO Token ICO Crowdsale

ICO Start: August 15, 2015
ICO end: September 15, 2017
Token Symbol: CSNO
CSNO Total Supply: 100,000,000 unit
CSNO price: Proceeds from ICO (USD) / 100,000,000 tokens
WebsiteWhitepaper – Contribute ICO

CSNO Token

CSNO token was created based on ERC233 standard, with 100,000,000 (one hundred million) total supply will be issued and locked. All the public contribution will be used as business expansion only. CSNO token will be one of the currency platform of choice. At BitDice platform, CSNO token will be use to place a bets, cashing out, and also rewarding players.

And of course, CSNO token will able to be exchangeable on the BitDice casino, CSNO token would also tradable on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. So, let’s us look how valuable this ICO project will going to succeed. First, let’s take a big closer into BItDice platform infrastructure.

BitDice Technology – How to perform a high security level

Generally, BitDice Casino was using a cutting-edge technology stack. The reason is, it will be useful for user regarding the greatest degree of security with a high level efficiency. Basically, BitDice main website is a public access point, then will gonna act as a proxy. User will then communicates by a web server via VLAN. Web server will also follows strict rules how it going to handling the communication with other server.


So, the server are not going to directly accessible form the website, cannot also communicate with each other without passing the web server. It’s just how the best typology model to ensure a high security level.

Not just by using the best typology options, according to their whitepaper, BitDice will also split the core back-end engine into several independent micro-service, running with different privileges access. The micro-services are written in Elixir – Erlang VM, which will enables “zero downtime” updates. What we will be trying to understand here is, BitDice has trying to reassure the system to be always having a good responds to any suspicious activity might be triggered from outside, or coming from inside the network.

Reputable platform with provable fairness

As what we already seen from how long BitDice has been involved with the casino industry so far, it has placed them as a reputable casino platform. How BitDice handling the fairness its already becomes an icon. From what they always doing is to ensure the outcome of the games are absolutely random.

BitDice Casino has verifies the Random Number Generator certificated of all the third-party games the running on its platform. BitDice convinced as they write at the whitepaper, that there is no change for non-verifiable RNG certificate will going to be offered to their users.

BitDice Casino Market Industry Projections

BitDice-cumulative profit

There is one positive aspect we able to see from BitDice platform, it was because BitDice platform we able to see the historical performance that fully transparent. BitDice historic performance was accessible through an independent monitoring agent at BitDice total wagered right now is in the first place, with total 4,221 BTC, 14,593 ETH, 871 LTC, and 5,388,349 Doge.

BitDice total wagered

BitDice total wagered based on – as an independent monitoring agent at the most popular bitcoin online casino sites.

For over the last year and a half, based on the BitDice whitepaper, it says that the BTC wagered volume has surged on average 45% YoY, total reached about 232,000 BTC. They also has similar positive trends for another cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. While Bankroll investment in BTC also giving a surged about 84% YoY.

Another logic reason why BitDice ICO platform project will be positively succeed, because BitDice community has been evolving since their first launched. Approximately, BitDice users has reaching for over 20,000 unique users.



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