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InvestFeed Token Crowdsale

InvestFeed – Token Crowdsale Progress Has Reach 36.63%

InvestFeed had already running their platform since 2014. The fact is, we’ve using investFeed platform for almost one year. It’s seem so promising since their appeareance in 2014.

InvestFeed platform is a leading community platform in a financial investing, combining also as a social networking for all investor or trader around the world. The good benefit is, by this platform, investor or other trader could increase their portfolio, or even monetizing their content or their trades with others.

Right now, InvestFeed already used by 15,000 user, having over 200,000 live feeds about sharing market trading insights. As in 2017 now, their trying to pivoting from US equities into cryptocurrencies. Of course, it was the fact that due to both user demand and also about the extraordinary growth of blockchain based asset. That’s the main reason why now the team behind investFeed create their token, called IFT, as added value to the platform.

With IFT, user will have the opportunity to get incentives for the good quality content. We think it is just similar to Steemit platform, where user can get steem coin for their content from another users if they like it by voting mechanism.

InvestFeed Mobile Apps

InvestFeed Mobile Apps

So, what is investFeed anyway?  As it’s mentioned earlier, InvestFeed is investor social media platform. The platform was accessible in website and mobile phone apps. By using InvestFeed, user can share their thought anything about investment they like: fiat money trading, stock exchange and many others. Just like Facebook or Twitter, another user can like, comment, and share the user status. investFeed think this is the best way to communicate user’s interest among other to prevent fraud investment, for an example.

InvestFedd noted in their whitepaper: Unlike in Twitter where volunteers must donate their time to contribute and validate information, on investFeed’s platform, contributors will be rewarded for their work and incentivized to continue increasing the value of the community ecosystem.

InvestFeed Also think by add the cryptocurrency concept onto the platform, can atrack many user to use. investFeed plan to create token on the Ethereum platform. This token will be worthed for a long period in to purchase premium  content from other members, like articles, videos & other. Token will be used to purchase an ad-free experience across the platform. Beside that, will this token user can boost their content by posting a sponsored link or video to attract paying customers.

Problems Occured

InvestFeed platform, by cryptocurrency concept, mean to become the central epic for hub to buy/sell/exchange, access market data and news, or to chat about existing and emerging cryptocurrencies. This company also saw, so far there is no dedicated network for enthusiasts and professionals globally in the blockchain industry.

In the social communication context you realize that cryptocurrencies, especially newer alt coins, suffer from lack of exposure, and in turn generate little value for those who are not actively using a network. This one bring users to the fragmented and scattered crypto information.

Token Used in detail

After opening the token crowdsale, InvestFeed token sale progress has already reach 36.63%. Here is the list of planned initial use cases for the FEED Token:

▪ Members   (media   outlets,   professionals   and   non-professionals   equally)   can  contribute premium content and charge in FEED Token for access.

▪ Promote your own content and profile for network exposure using FEED Token.

▪ Experienced investors and analysts can monetize their knowledge and expertise by sharing their ideas, articles, videos, and even portfolio performance and trade  activity  with  their  subscribers. The FEED Token  fee  be  will  determined  by  the  content provider and may be set on a time-based subscription level or unlocking an individual piece of content.

▪ Users can follow top traders and analysts and news outlets and receive real time  alerts  from  those  members  via  in  platform  notifications,  email, SMS,  and  mobile push notifications using FEED Tokens.

▪ FEED Tokens will be required to access the higher levels of advanced trader tools.

▪ FEED Tokens can be used to purchase an ad-free experience from the network.

Token Crowdsale Requirement

In order to participate in the token sale, you will need a receiving Ethereum address. This ethereum address must be from an ERC20 compatible wallet, such as Parity, Mist, MetaMask and MyEtherWallet. Your FEED tokens will be delivered to this address. So, remember the company cannot fill your order unless you have an Ethereum account with an ERC20 compatible wallet.

Receiving and refund addresses cannot be exchange addresses, unless you own the private key. You can join the investFeed Token Sale discussion on our main investFeed channel. If you have questions to answer, several moderators ready for you: – Chief Executive Officerand  (Chief Technology Officer).



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