Authoreon – Securing Authorization, Authentication, Verification and Certification


The failure to secure data, to verify identity and to grant access only to authorized instances is causing billions of dollars in damage each year, while the most valuable asset at risk is trust. – Authoreon

The aim of Authoreon project is to decentralizing authorization, authentication, and certification. Authereon helps to securing the unsecure instance and functions. By using the platform, it will prevent from fraud, user authentication protection, cyber-attacks, identity theft, data retention, document fraud, IOT security, copyright infringement, reputation management, and also provide the traceability to supply and ownership chains.

Based on the Internet Security Threat Report in 2017 by Symantec, has tracks over 700,000 global adversaries and records events from 98 million attack sensors worldwide. The records events was taken from The Symantec Global Intelligence Network, monitored all the threat activities in over 157 countries and territories by the Symantec products.

Written on The Guardian, ransomware cyber-attack has hit nearly 100 countries around the world. Security researchers with Kaspersky Lab have recorded that there are more than 45,000 attacks recorded in countries, such as UK, Russia, India, and also China. Total losses caused by the ransomware attack, approximately reach $4 billion as we read on CNBC – May, 2017.

According to the Authoreon platforms whitepaper, the world now was facing with the increased of national security concerns. The conflicts are often with privacy and data protection regulations, as well as the major challenges in the IOT security.

Authoreon Platform Architechture

Since the platform will going to use to decentralized authorization, authentication, and certification, so the overall platform components were based on the characteristic of blockchain technology. According to the whitepaper, the platform will also using artificial intelligence and substitution algorithms to provide maximum security authorization and traceability. There are three major component inside the Authoreon design platform:

Athereon blockchain was based on Ethereum protocol and distributed computing platform via Ethereum Virtual Machine that will allowing the execution of smart-contract.

Basically, synapse is a protocol that built on top of the blockchain, an independent application layer. Synapse will enabling smart authorization contracts, while the layer would responsible to storing data and verifying identity with safely and effective. Synapse would also generates temporary access, for an authorized instances only. As it’s written in the whitepaper, Synapse would useful to keeps the blockchain light and fast by substituting the stored data.

Access Lock
This component will acts as the gate keeper. The purpose is to processing all incoming request to the Synapse layer, granting the access, only if the request instance is authorized only. Access lock was developed 2²- key-algorithm to create one static key with a dynamic key (as the temporary access).

If we are has already familiar with two-factor authentication, then the Access lock might potential to replace it, and also enabling the implementation into wide range applications. To be clear about the granted access by Access lock, it will granted the access only if the other key is valid by the authorization, and vice versa. So, the access will only granted to two dynamic keys.

Authoreon Token Crowdsale

Token name: Authoreon
Token symbol: AUTH
Token base: Ethereum – ERC20
Token supply: 1 billion AUTH
Crowdsale start: LIVE NOW
Crowdsale end: Oct 14, 2017
Crowdsale target: $34,000,000
WebsiteWhitepaperBitcointalk ANN

Legal Structure

The Authoreon Pte. Ltd. (in the course of incorporation) will be registered in Singapore on August 10th 2017 following the formation of the Authoreon Foundation as the Parent Organization (Swiss Non-profit).

Network Participants:
Token Holders (Global, open to everyone in compliance with their local laws and regulations)

The Authoreon Foundation is in charge of the overall management and oversight to keep the Authoreon network in good health. It will be in charge of managing all tokens, contributions, and other revenue flows. Currently its board members include the directors of the Authoreon operating company. Over time outside parties consisting of highly reputable and knowledgeable figures in the Blockchain space will be invited to join. Any major changes to the network will first be placed to a vote by the directors of the foundation before being placed into effect; however, it is ultimately up to the network participants. Pte. Ltd. (in the course of incorporation) is the operating entity that will be contracted by the foundation to build and deploy the core decentralized application, as well as be a candidate for future implementations. Please note that the foundation ultimately has the final decision as to where funds will be allocated and what companies will be contracted. Some functionality, security audits, etc. may require third-party vendors and service providers to work independently or jointly with Pte. Ltd.

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