ATLANT Real Estate Blockchain Platform – Just raised 1.5 Million in Short Time Pre-sale

Atlant Real Estate Platform

ATLANT Real Estate Blockchain Platform – Ready to Open Public Crowdsale on September 7

There are three aspect that would drive conventional real estate industry platform. An article on Techcrunch in 2016 tells about how Blockchain technology will disrupt traditional real estate industry platform just because the ability to expediting the process, reducing fraud, and also offering total transparency.

In the year 2014, has known as a slow period for real estate market, but then the price was risen to the extent that in fall 2015. Some expert said in CNBC that the house market bubble will create great recession. Even if there is a slight sale hiccup in August 2015, but the expert also predicted that the price will keep going rising.

For the mostly traditional real estate market problems is, because they don’t know how to being quick and easy. As what already happened in the US, Government was typically slow down the system by giving restriction, transaction cost for the real estate transfers. Blockchain technology benefits, will have a huge opportunity to drive massive solution for the most problem.

Real Estate Market Potentials

For almost common peoples understand that real estate is the largest asset class in the world. Based on a research report in 2016 by Yolande Barnes, Savills World Research’s Director, global real estate market will going to reaches $217 trillion. Total estimations includes all developed real estate in the world, retail property, offices, industrial, hotels, residential, other commercial uses and also agricultural land.

Global real estate worth

“Worldwide real estate asset comprise nearly 60% of the value of all global assets, including equities, bonds and gold.”

In the 2017 real estate market volume about $1.4 trillion based on Based on Global Investor Intentions Survey report in 2017. All of these fact, opportunity, and also market’s reasonable predictions has becomes the main purposed why Atlant platform will also taking part to empower the real estate market.

Atlant Real Estate Blockchain Based Platform

Atlant has begun to design the platform since December 2016. Start working with some leading expert in finance, emerging market, finance, and also scientific to developing the platform. In the first of August 2017, Atlant then announce the platform, as the next generation of global real estate platform, based on blockchain technology.

And sure, Blockchain based platform is the best known capability to disrupt in the most common segment, includes real estate industry. Since the platform was a blockchain based platform, of course it will proposed some big different with any traditional real estate platforms. And here is the detail about the platform.

Atlant design platform

There are two major features provided by Atlant platform:

  1. Tokenized Ownership
  2. Peer-to-Peer Rentals

By the Tokenizing Ownership, it will brings the most simple and easy operation on the real estate industry, including the investment and also how to processing the ownership transfer. Since the ownership are tokenized by blockchain based technology, it will able to solve the most commons real estate problem so far.

By a token, provided by the platform, it will representing a share of property ownership, and also allowing for a liquid real estate market the transparent prices. Peer-to-peer Rentals will make a possibility to reduce fees from the tenant and lessor. Another benefit is because it will minimized fake reviews. The reality is, fake review and forged ratings has also become the main problems for traditional and centralized rental services.

Atlant Token (ATL) and Platform Design

ATL token provided by Atlant platform was created based on ERC20. By using the smart contract it’s possible to handle the property ownership and to transfer the property ownership. As we can read above, yes, the token will able to perform the token distribution, buy and sell, transferring the ownership, secure with full transparency and much efficient.

What Atlant platform offered as the best solution for short and long term rentals is by providing a decentralized platform. Atlant Peer-to-Peer rental service will relies on 3 main protection mechanism.

  • Escrow
  • Reputation System
  • Decentralized Arbitration

Each lessor will provide their real identity when they sign into the platform, and also send a security deposit into escrow contract. This is a part how to achieved the three kind of protective mechanism above.

And for the tenant, even if the platform is keep to encourage them to complete the profile, but it also possible to used Keybase. Such different requirement for the lessors, because they have to provide the real identity in order to get listed as a host inside the platform.

Another feature from the platform is, Atlas also using Aragon network. Aragon is a decentralized network. So it will makes the identity as opt-in, while the entities are free to transact pseudonymously.


Since it was a decentralized, so the reputation system in the platform will essentially brings decentralized rating and reviews also. In the Atlant platform, score object will directly linked to the payment transaction that being held by tenant to lessor. And since the transaction will recorded in the Ethereum blockchain, so the rating score’s will also pretected. How it will possible to be running on the platform, because the platform will comprises on such data fields:

  1. Host identity
  2. Score rating possibility to influence lessor overall rating
  3. Customer experience as an optional review
  4. Customer identity
  5. Timestamp

All of the stuff will be secured and hard to modify since the protocol network are relied on the decentralized platform. To complete the platform infrastructures, Atlant will also provide IPFS software inside the platform.

Atlant Token Crowdsale Detail



Token Name: ATLANT Token
Token Symbol: ATL
Crowd Sale Start: September 7, 2017
Crowd Sale End: October 7, 2017
Price: 1 ETH = 505 ATL
Total Token: 375,000,000 ATL

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Atlant Team

  • Julian Svirsky – CEO & Co-founder
  • Neil Mohinani – CFO & Co-founder
  • Denis Donin – CTO & Co-founder
  • Alex Taylor – Communication/HR
  • Pavel Foos – Solidity / JavaScript
  • Eugene Seregin – Solidity / JavaScript
  • Sergey Kashich – Go / C++
  • Erik Bitner – UI / Frontend


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