ACT – DAO Concept as A Social Movement


ACT offering DAO for Social Movement, ACT ICO Supported by WINGS Platform

Blockchain technology allows to made a decision and then running of any organization to be completely automated. ACT, as one new blockchain platform would also trying to start of a new era, by using The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). ACT is a global initiative built on this technology that allows people to support the project because they believe in.

ACT can be accessed by anyone with a smartphone. It works by allowing users to purchase votes which can be applied into the project proposals. With ACT, anyone could propose a project for funding, and these process were organized based on their geography and kind of problem need to be funded. When a quorum is reached, the project automatically gets funded, instantly, typically just in a short of time only. This process, could happened easily since using a smart contract.

Now let’s we trying to look on how ACT could able to working. ACT already giving a simple example on their whitepaper. Maria Dzuba lives with her disabled daughter Lina in Minsk, Belarus. Lina is confined to a wheelchair and recently the elevator in their apartment building was stopped working.

Someone who responsible to repair should by the local government, but they said they could not fixs it because the having limited budget to do so, and the local law also have a provisions about creating a petitions with signatures because it might trigger everything.

Maria believes if she could able to collect 2000 signatures by creating a petition, it will encourage state action. But unfortunately she will needs about $200 to pay transport and advertising. This is equivalent to her monthly wage.

If Maria submits her case on the new ACT platform, and after it been reviewed by proposal curators, the ACT community would notified through the app. By using ACT platform, it’s now possible to help and support Maria and Lina’s problem in massive and globaly. Maria and Lina’s problem could get funded quickly, then the additional funds will able to spreeing further based on the proposal, from Belarus and also around the world.

In 2016, we saw an anti coal movements globally. From the US, UK, Germany to Australia and Indonesia. As a movements such as like this, its grow the related financial burden tends to fall on local communities. Through ACT financial support, its possible to be mobilized quickly, only limited by the generosity and commitment of the citizens globally.

Millions of euros or dollars could be deployed for game-changing civic action in a matter of hours with all funding decisions made by citizens themselves. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology individuals all over the world can unify in powerful new ways to ensure social accountability and build the future we want for ourselves and our children. This is possible with ACT.

ACT Process

ACT by SWOT Analysis

Not many ICO projects owner define themselves by the SWOT analysis. The following ACT ICO analysis is written by The analysis applied two different approaches. First, defined a DAOACT ICO strategic position as a whole and then analyzed the ICO campaign’s present strengths, present weaknesses, future threats and future opportunities from token sales point of view.

The ICO’s strategic position based on Porter’s 5 forces: The five forces are suppliers, substitutes, competitive rivalry, buyers and barriers to entry. Suppliers: The ICO has strong support from its platform provider WINGS and the ICO enjoys a maturing supplier market with several related media outlets, proven experts and so on.

Substitutes: there are mostly offline substitutes of social accountability services.

Competitive Rivalry: there are only few competitors non blockchain based and it’s easy to switch from them to DAOACT but on the other hand ACT DAO is hard to leave due to its complex token balance system and DAOACT has significant differentiators from current competitors.

Buyers: DAOACT has well defined buyer personas, investors, curators, social activists, applicants and all have decent online visibility which means it is cheap to find them and engage with those possible buyers of the service.

Barriers to Entry: Entering this specific market is difficult and requires specific expertise any possible future blockchain copycats will further prove DAOACT’s business case.

To summarize DAOACT ICO’s current strategic position is strong. Now let’s see the SWOT analysis of the ICO campaign having the next four aspects. Token sales characteristics, Digital footprint, Community management and ICO team.

Now let’s see the strengths.

Token sales characteristics: the first sales pitch version is easy to understand, it goes like this Token holders can contribute and get compensated by curating and or financing certain social activities. Plain and simple. Token holder personas are clear. They are Token investor’s social accountability curators and fund the applicants basically. The token purchase motivators for these buyer personas are also strong The WINGS platform and the etherium blockchain both have good track records and both are popular.


ACTDAO mobile app

Currently, there is no ICO competition in the related area on any blockchain platforms so far. That’s why ACT having a good concept to bring the idea into blockchain platform.

The related jurisdictions: Ireland and Switzerland are stable. ICOs and cryptoassets are legal. Knowing the budget, the structure of the current pre ICO is highly feasible and very modest. The current ICO content is very accurate as it was done by the ICO core team. The publication and the promotion of it is professional. The Social follower base, has becomes interested crypto-community and the number of influencers are all growing at a rapid speed.

Community management: there are successful gamification and bounty initiatives already and the current ICO team has both professional background and crypto experience. Their motivation were high, and with the recent new colleagues in their team’s scalability were also proven.

Weaknesses: Token sales characteristics, are sales pitches, only mildly specified for different token personal Buyer and the Token purchase motivators are not emphasized separately. The ICO roadmap is best practice which means it is without any creative new elements at the moment. The non blockchain based traditional competition is strong.

Digital footprint: the content currently is limited in quantity and the publication and promotion frequency is low. The social followers and the crypto community are both growing, but still low in numbers compared to other ICOs.

Market management: the further gamifications, bounties and special discounts has not been announced so far. ICO team: the ICO manager has managed several similar businesses, but its not an ICO, and for the open positions on the ICO team are not on the webpage.

Future threats: Token sales characteristics are different pitches for different Token buyer profiles, it might easily confuse the visitors. Token speculators can stay away from the ICO because it is heavily community based. Communities platform should focus on more technological ICOs. Non blockchain, traditional competitors are well funded.

Without more dynamic content by certain Token buyers cannot be attracted. Without elevating publication and promotion frequency certain prospects can lose interest. The growth of social followers and crypto community could slow down for any number of reasons. Without open positions on the webpage the ICO team’s expansion can slow down or it might be stopped. And finally, it would create another opportunities.

A well-planned buyers journey structure and separated targeted content is easy to create based on different buyer personas. A detailed introduction of the technological part of the ICO can be provided for certain tech-savvy communities quickly. There must be more dynamic content made available and the publication and promotional frequency must also be increased. The social follower and crypto community building could be supported by online marketing ads. More complex gamifications with bigger bounties and special discounts could be launched. Professional compensation packages can be offered for the open positions to expand the ICO team with high level experts. Once the DAOACT pre ICO funding is complete most enhancements mentioned here could be done in a few weeks. Do you want to participate in DAOACT pre ICO? Visit DAOACT main site here:


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