​Monaco – The Next Cryptoccurency Payment Card

Monaco. World of cryptocurrencies has been getting more crowded. Good innovation supported by the  good team was becomes the main to be succed. Of course, this innovation would also need  investors support, so the innovation of the project could reach the maximum target.  An ICO by creating crowdsale funds rising might be the best options for developers to collect funds from investors, in order to complete the development.
By those steps, has also taken by one of the interesting crypto projects in this year, MONACO. The project platform, is about Card-based projects and mobile apps as their innovation. It’s claims that the products will be the best, for the card payment system. They provided Monaco card and mobile apps for investors which has had join Monaco ICO crowdsale. As usual ICO project, thus strategy has really attract many investors.

So Let’s get closer to Monaco – What is Monaco ?

In this digital era, all of the transaction today, could be done instantly, and of course more efficient. Likewise with Monaco, they created project that aims to be able to facilitate everyone’s daily transaction activities. Monaco create two interesting innovation. They create Monaco card (related to VISA), and second create Monaco apps to help user when they want to exchange and top up their balance. This would be great, because both of them, will have their own function to help peoples daily activities.

What is Monaco card ?

Monaco card is one of the product from Monaco.  Created to help user doing the transaction, anytime and anywhere. By using Monaco Card, user could do a fastest transactions easily. The uniquely, user could also top up the Monaco card with BTC or ETH. The user balance, would be shown up into the Monaco apps. There is no transaction’s fee, but when user want to swipe and exchange ETH or BTC, its only takes 1% as the fee.

  1. Monaco Black Card

This cards is special edition. Total black Monaco card is only 999 and it is only for investor which described below :

  • 001 – 499 –  Given to investors with the highest amount of investment during ICO
  • 500 – 999 – Given to investors based on their investment time, the fastest get this card.

This Monaco black card is very rare and unique. Why ? because only produced 999 unit during ICO and investor who get this card is very lucky. This Monaco black card is not produced again after ICO Ends

2. Monaco VISA Card ( FREE )

There is no need to worried for the investor or monaco enthusiast about the monaco card. The developer will distributed as free. User could have a change to received it so easily just by downloading the application on iOS or Android. Of course this is very goood news because we can get this card for free with easy steps. The exact number of Monaco card would be produced is still unknown right now.

Monaco Apps

Monaco apps were the other Monaco product. Monaco apps will connected into Monaco card. So the user will able to used, and also keep connect into their account. By using these apps, user would also able to top up and see their balance. Monaco apps is very complete aps. All the detail informations needed to be able to transact cryptocurrency were available. It will usefull for user to trade, transfered into bank account, top up balance, and others. Here is the features:

  • Top Up Monaco Card with  BTC/ETH
  • Exchange Money
  • Sending Money
  • Security System
  • Onboarding
  • Notification about your transaction
  • Cashback Up to 10%

If you’re interested to join the ICO, here is some detail information about:

Monaco token sale

Detail ICO Crowdsale :

Start time : May 18th, 2017, 9:30 UTC

End time : Jun 18th, 2017, 9:30 UTC

Price MCO : 130.0 MCO / 1 ETH

Minimum funding goal : 5,000 ETH.

Whitepaper: https://mona.co/monaco-whitepaper.pdf

At the moment, there would only 5 more days left, the ICO will ends. Monaco token sale project, could considered as a successful project. The main reasons is, this project has already collect big amount of funds. This result is counted within a period of this month.

This is the detaild of Monaco card token sale at June 13 2017

Total Amount Raised : 49793.30 ETH

Issued : 6882474.16048338 MCO

Participants : 5518

Monaco Team

  • Rafael as Melo Chief Financial Officer
  • Gary as Or Chief Technology Officer
  • Bobbyas Bao Managing Director

Advisory Board

  • Brent Diehl – Payments
  • Timothy Hitchens – Technology
  • Ransu Salovaara – Blockchain
  • Ohad Hecht – Marketing
  • Bradley Riss – Fintech
  • Dimitri Tsamados  – Talent Acquisition

Blockchain Advisors

  • Pablo Yabo Smart Contracts Audit – CoinFabrik
  • Mikko Ohtamaa Smart Contracts Development – TokenMarket
  • Kris Marszalek as Chief Exsecutif Officer


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